My first invited conference talk, at the Joint Annual Meeting of Entomologists

This week, I attended my first entomology conference – and quite a cool one at that! The entomological societies of America, Canada, and British Columbia collaborated to put together a stunning joint meeting in Vancouver, where insect biologists from around the world gathered to share their latest science. I was invited to talk about my Ph.D. research in a session on ‘Orthopteroids: Small Orders, Big Ideas.’ It was my first invited conference talk, and it was awesome to see so many other people getting excited about cricket freeze tolerance!

ESA cover page
Title slide for my presentation on how crickets survive freezing

Volunteering at London’s annual Bug Day!

For the fourth year running, the Entomological Society of Ontario has sponsored London Bug Day: a day-long outreach event with insect- and arachnid-themed activities for kids and adults who love bugs! It’s one of my favourite events to volunteer at, and this year’s Bug Day (September 9th) was no exception – thanks to the wonderful Bug Day co-organizers: my labmates, John Ciancio, Yanira Jimenez Padilla, and Kurtis Turnbull.

Engaging children at the live Insect Zoo! (Photo credit: Lamees Mohammad)