The Toxopeus lab values equity, diversity, and inclusion. If you are interested in joining the lab, please see our Research page for information on current projects, and contact Dr. Toxopeus via email to discuss your interests in contributing to these (or related) projects.

Here is some general advice from a colleague on how to get involved in research as an undergraduate student or graduate student.

Undergraduate Student Research Opportunities

Students who would like to get some lab experience are welcome to volunteer.

Directed Studies
Students with an average of at least 75 % may pursue an area of interest not normally offered by the department by taking Bio 499 (Directed Studies) for course credit under the guidance of a professor. Interested students should contact Dr. T at least two months before the semester in which they want to do a Directed Studies.

Summer Research Assistants
Get paid to do research from May to August. Usually reserved for students who have already volunteered or completed a directed studies project, or have research experience from working in other labs. Interested students should contact Dr. T at least four months before the summer session begins (i.e. in early January).

Honours Thesis
Honours students conduct research and write a thesis in their fourth year. Honours students must identify a faculty member who will act as a thesis advisor before March 31 of their third year. Details on the Biology Honours Program can be found here.

Graduate Student Research Opportunities

M.Sc. Program
Details on the St. FX M.Sc. Biology program are here.

Ph.D. Program
St. FX does not have its own Ph.D. program, but Ph.D. students can do their thesis entirely in the lab of a St. FX Biology professor as long as they are formally registered in the Ph.D. program of another university.  Details are here.