Official course descriptions can be found in the academic calendar through the registrar’s office.

Courses taught by Dr. Toxopeus

Biol 111 – Introductory Cell Biology
Fall semester
An introduction to cells, their structure and function, and the techniques used to study them. Provides a basic introduction to cells as the building blocks of all life. Required for all students continuing in biology. Three credits and lab.

Biol 201 – Animal Biology
Winter semester
An introduction to major groups of animals, emphasizing the structure, physiology and way of life of certain species. Prerequisites: an average of 55 in BIOL 111, 112 for biology majors, advanced majors or honours students. Three credits and lab.

Biol 381 – Biological Research Experience (Selected Topics, 2022-2023)
Fall semester
An introduction to the fundamentals of biological research and ways of knowing about life, including two-eyed seeing. Students participate in interactive lectures and experiential learning activities in the laboratory and by field trips, conduct a semester-long group research project, and present their findings in written and oral forms. Prerequisites: BIOL 111 and 112, and permission of the instructor. Three credits and lab.

Biol 395 – Cell Biology
Winter semester
An introduction to the eukaryotic cell, including relationships between biochemical mechanisms and organelle functions, and techniques used to study cell function. Prerequisites: BIOL 201, 204; CHEM 221 & 222 (220) or CHEM 255. Three credits and lab.

Course-based Research

Undergraduate students at St. FX can get course credit for research! See our Opportunities page for more information on how you can do this in the Toxopeus lab.