Official course descriptions can be found in the academic calendar through the registrar’s office. A full listing of courses is also available through the St. FX Biology Program page.


111 – Introductory Cell Biology
Fall semester
An introduction to cells, their structure and function, and the techniques used to study them. Provides a basic introduction to cells as the building blocks of all life. Required for all students continuing in biology. Three credits and lab.

201 – Animal Biology
Winter semester
An introduction to major groups of animals, emphasizing the structure, physiology and way of life of certain species. Prerequisites: an average of 55 in BIOL 111, 112 for biology majors, advanced majors or honours students. Three credits and lab.

395 – Cell Biology
Winter semester
An introduction to the eukaryotic cell, including relationships between biochemical mechanisms and organelle functions, and techniques used to study cell function. Prerequisites: BIOL 201, 204; CHEM 220 or 255. Three credits and lab.

Course-based Research

Undergraduate students at St. FX can get course credit for research in the Toxopeus lab (or other labs). See our Opportunities page for more information.

Dr. Toxopeus’ Teaching Philosophy

My primary goal as an educator is to empower people to think like scientists. That is, I want to help create a community of people who value evidence, and think critically about the implications of science for us and our planet. I particularly value using evidence-based teaching practices, i.e. those that are well-supported by peer-reviewed research, such as active learning and authentic scientific inquiry opportunities. Whether we interact in the classroom or the laboratory, I hope you end up with a deeper understanding and appreciation for science – both as a tool for informing our decisions and to help make the world a better place.