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Dr. Jantina Toxopeus
Principal Investigator

I am an assistant professor at St. FX, where I love teaching biology and researching how insects survive freezing. I take an integrative approach to research, explaining whole animal phenotypes (like being able to survive freezing) at many levels of biological organization (genes, cells, tissues, physiological systems).


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Trinity McIntyre
Undergraduate Research Assistant

I am a third-year student at StFX. I am majoring in Biology with a minor in Mathematics and Statistics. I love going to the beaches surrounding Antigonish and exploring local hiking trails. I’m excited to be working with Dr. Toxopeus and to learn as much as I can!


Maranda van Oirschot
Undergraduate Research Assistant

I am a second year student at StFX majoring in Biology. I enjoy being around animals, learning about new things and exploring Antigonish with friends. I look forward to working with Dr. Toxopeus and the rest of her team over the summer!


Victoria Adams
Undergraduate Research Assistant

I am a second-year student at St. FX doing a joint Honours degree in Biology and Psychology. I love hiking, yoga, and learning about Biology. I can’t wait to start working with Dr. Toxopeus and learning new things!